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A Rebbe Story: Rebbe Zusia zt"l's take on "Suffering"

A Rebbe Story: Rebbe Zusia zt"l's Take on "Suffering"

Okay; it's been a long time since we've done one, so I think it's time for another Rebbe Story

One snowy winter day, Rebbe Shmelke of Nikolsburg zt”l and his brother, Rebbe Pinchas of Frankfort zt”l went to see their Rebbe, the Maggid of Mezeritch, with a question:

They asked him how the Talmud (in Masechta Berachos) can command us to praise Hashem equally when bad things happen as to when good things happen.  In response to their question, the Maggid told his two students to go to the Beis Midrash, and see Rebbe Zusia of Anipoli zt”l.  He explained that Reb Zusia suffered from poverty and lots of trials and tribulations, and that he was more qualified to answer the question than he himself was. 

So Reb Shmelke and Reb Pinchas trudged through the snow to the Beis Midrash, to see Reb Zusia.  When they opened the door, they found the room freezing, and only one man sitting in it.  It was Reb Zusia, learning, with a burned-out candle by his side.  He looked up with his holy eyes, to see Reb Shmelke and Reb Pinchas.  The two told him their question, and of what the Maggid had said, and Reb Zusia replied something like “How can Zusia answer that?  For, in his entire life, all Heaven has given him, has been good.”[1]

What a powerful lesson!!  Some things that happen to us in life might seem like tragedies or unfair, but everything that befalls us is from Hashem (unless it is something we cause to happen to ourselves).  All that Hashem makes happen to us is for the best!! 

And if we, B'Ezras Hashem, take this to heart and try to put it into action, we will not look at "suffering" the same way.  For everything Hashem does is good and for the best, so why complain?  We just may not see the good at first, but we must accept that Hashem knows best. 

We should all be zocheh to realize these things, and if we do this, we will all be much happier people.
And may Hashem help every person to do this always, Amein vi'Amein. 

Have a wonderful, awesome day everyone and I hope these things help!!

Refoel Berel

[1]©.  'Winter in Mezritch.'  From 'Of Heaven and Earth - Stories of the Chassidic Masters'; written by HaRav Berel Wein shlita. 

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