Monday, September 5, 2016

Why so much Machlokes?!?!

Why so much Machlokes?!

Why today do we have so much strife between fellow-Jews?  Do we not remember why the Beis Hamikdash was destroyed?  Was it not because of baseless hatred between fellow-Jews?  Why should we dislike, show disrespect to, or mistreat a person just because they do not hold of things like we do?  Does this make sense?

These questions should really pierce our heart, and hopefully, B'Ezras Hashem, help us to see the truth of the matter.  I mean, you look around, and you see one person shaming another publicly, because they hold some different Minhag, or one great Rav cursing another great Rav!  These things are absolutely terrible!  Where do we get off thinking that we can do this?  Where is our Achdus?  Have we forgotten the Mitzvah of 'Vi'ahavta li'reiacha kamocha'?! 

There are so many questions with this, but not too many answers.  And when we really think about these questions, we, B'Ezras Hashem, will start realizing the truth.  We have sinned!  If Jews had Achdus, we could do more kiruv, and other great things would come out of it as well.  In other words, Moshioch likely would have already come. 

But no!  We are too worried about what we think.  One person might keep Pas Yisroel, and another might not, and one might keep a Satmar hechsher and another a Lubavitch one, but does this make any of us Rashaim?  No!  We are all keeping Kosher, Shabbos, etc. here!  True, keeping stricter a lot of times is good, but if we look down on others who don't hold as strict as we do, they will likely feel offended, and not want to even think about holding stricter, or anything like that.  And, in turn, it will ruin the Achdus, and cause aveiros, likely (Chas V'Shalom).  Just because we do not keep the same thing as somebody else does not mean that they are doing an aveirah!  This problem must be addressed as it has gone way, way too far.

Let us all try to actually keep the Mitzvos of not hating a fellow-Jew in our heart, and loving our fellow-Jews as ourselves.  And may Hashem help the entire Klal Yisroel to do this, and come together, have Achdus, and serve Him in absolute truth.  And in this merit, may Hashem send Moshioch very, very speedily in everyone's days.  Amein, so may it be His will. 

Have a great day everyone!
Refoel Berel

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