Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Glorious Opportunity of Today

HaRav Avigdor Miller zt”l was once asked: Is it possible for all Jews to prosper emotionally, spiritually, and financially, and realize also its purpose as the Chosen People in a country like the USA where we are such a small minority?

And he answered: America is a glorious opportunity.  It’s gold that’s offered to us.  It’s a tragedy that Jews come to this blessed country and fail to utilize it.  Here we could have brought upon ourselves the greatest success spiritually, and in every other means, but it’s a failed endeavor.  What happened, however, in reality?  In reality, the Jews have ruined themselves in this country.  Entire families have gone lost!  There are millions that are not marrying, not having any children, and their names are wiped out from history.  Besides the fact that so many are entirely ignorant of their heritage.  So it’s a tremendous opportunity that’s misused.  In America, you can do anything, it’s possible in America to build yeshivos in every village, all over the country.  Jews don’t have to spread everywhere, but wherever there are Jews, it’s possible to have a nation of all shomrei Shabbos, it’s a nation that up until now respected religion.  We would have been a nation of priests, we would have been highly respected by the gentiles.

          Today, who is battling against the ideals of religion?......  Therefore, it’s misusing one of the most precious opportunities in history.  I don’t know if since golus Bavel another such glorious opportunity had been presented.  However, it’s not too late, and the Jews, or some of the Jews, will regain their reason, and they can utilize the opportunities of America to succeed spiritually and materially. (From Q&A:  Thursday Nights With Rabbi Avigdor Miller, volume 2; p. 74).
This applies to the entire world of today:  It is not just in America where we have this gorgeous opportunity:  Today is what we would call “a free world”.

People aren’t really regulated to a certain standard or behavior.  This means that we can, Baruch Hashem, behave like Frum Jews should, without getting thrown in jail or beaten.  However, people can also, for example, say anything they want essentially; dress how they want, etc. Chas V’Shalom.

It is a very tough time spiritually -- but it is also an absolutely tremendous opportunity to flourish in the Service of the Awesome King in this “free world”. 

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