Friday, June 1, 2018

The Hand of Hashem


Shalom Aleichem all; I apologize for not posting for some time.  But just now something occured that is literally amazing:  I was on a PDF of Ramban zt"l's commentary to the Torah, and was going to look at something of his on this Parsha -- Behaaloscha.  And as I am in the introductory pages and what-not, suddenly the file starts going very, very quickly through many pages until it just stopped.  

After the pages loaded, I scrolled up a tiny bit, and it turns out to be exactly the beginning of Parshas Behaaloscha!

These occurences are literally a show of the Hand of Hashem!  But if we just, Chas V'Shalom, interpret these occurrences as "electronic glitches" and the like, then we will miss the clear Divine Providence that literally is part of every bit of our lives... 

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