Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Rebbe Story: The Chofetz Chaim's Middos:

A Rebbe Story: The Chofetz Chaim's Middos:

The Chofetz Chaim zt"l did not like to cause people to have to wait, thereby sort of oppressing them.  This story really is an example of his extraordinary Middos (virtues):  One time, HaRav Leiv Chasman zt"l was invited to the Chofetz Chaim's  home for the Shabbos evening meal.  To his surprise, upon returning from Shul, the Chofetz Chaim did not sing the customary Shalom Aleichem (welcoming the Angels which Hashem sends to escort you from the Shul to your home on Shabbos), and he recited Kiddush immediately.  Only after they had eaten the preliminary Gefilte fish did the Chofetz Chaim start to sing Shalom Aleichem. 

Reb Chasman couldn't help but ask why he had changed the customary order of things.  Reb Yisroel Meir (the Chofetz Chaim) smiled, and answered "You were surely hungry, and I wanted you to eat a little something first.  But the Angels (that escort Jews home on Shabbos eve) are not hungry, and they can wait a little."1

Look at these Middos!  The Chofetz Chaim indeed thought about basically every single thing he did!  That is one of the reasons why he was such a huge, huge Gadol.  And if we truly think about everything that we do, then, B'Eizer Hashem (with the Help of Hashem) become much better people. 

Have a great day everybody!

Refoel Berel

1 Sparks of Mussar, page 233.  By HaRav Chaim Ephraim Zaitchik zt"l.  Feldheim Publications©

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