Friday, June 10, 2016

Look at Hashem's great miracles!!

Hashem Saves:  Two Miraculous Stories:  

I heard three wonderful stories from Rebbe Avraham Schorr shlita on which did not happen too, too long ago:

1). There was a frum Jew, who was going on trial for something (which, I believe he was innocent of), and he was in danger of being sent to Rikers Island.  Many did things to try to absolve him, including Rebbe Schorr shlita himself, but the man was sent to prison.  A little while later, the judge went somewhere, and then returned to New York City.  He was four blocks from his apartment, and he had a his bags with him.  It would have been hard to carry them all the way.  So he kept looking for a taxi, but was unsuccessful.  It took a long time standing there, but then, suddenly, he saw two 15 year-old Yeshiva boys walking towards him.  They offered to carry his bags for him.  So they carried the bags all the way to his apartment building.  The judge offered to take the bags, but the boys told him that they would carry them up to his apartment.  When they got there, he pulled out a twenty dollar bill for each one, but they refused payment.  So the judge walked into his apartment, called up the lawyer, and told him that the frum Jew was to be released from jail the next day.  Do you see what a miracle Hashem performed?! When Rebbe Schorr shlita told this, he said at the two Yeshiva boys were Melachim (Angels).  Hashem sent two Angels to save this man.  Amazing!  Blessed is Hashem Who takes care of His people.  Amein.  

2). There was a young man who lived in Eretz Yisrael, and he got bitten by a poisonous snake.  So he went to the doctor to get treated for it.  Ten days later, he was called back to the doctor for the results.  The doctor told him that he (the doctor) had never believed in Hashem before.  But when he saw this, he began to believe in Him.  What did he see?  When he had done the check on the man, it had turned out that he had a cancer growing in his kidneys, and the snake poison literally burnt the caner, and killed it.  Look at this huge miracle!!  Anybody who didn't believe in Hashem before would likely realize at He exists after seeing this.  

3). There was a rocket launched by the Arabs, aimed at a shopping center in Israel with a lot of people. The Israeli army fired three Iron Dome missiles (missiles that Israel fires to stop any foreign rockets) to stop the rocket, but they all missed. The army sent firemen and ambulances to the shopping center, as they knew that the rocket would cause lots of casualties, and they couldn’t stop it. After the army had given up trying to stop the rocket, out of nowhere, a big east wind came up; it blew the deadly rocket into the sea, and nobody got hurt, Baruch Hashem. The man who had fired the Iron Dome missiles to stop the rocket (which had failed) was not totally a Frum Jew, and he had never put Tefillin on before. After seeing Hashem save us, he thought that, in effect, he had seen Hashem, and he yelled "Get me Teffilin!  Get me Teffilin!"

Some people might say that there are no miracles anymore, but that is not true. Hashem performs miracles all the time, but the question is whether we notice them or not.  Blessed is Hashem forever and ever!!

May every Jew have a great Shabbos and a Chag Sameach!!

Refoel Berel

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