Friday, March 24, 2017

Gem from Vayakhel

I am sorry there is no Mussar Drosha this week, but, B’Ezras Hashem Yisbarech; I would like to share with you a beautiful insight on Parshas Vayakhel and Pekudei (in the next post): 

So the Torah tells usויקהל משׁה את כּל עדת בּני ישׂראל....וגוֹAnd Rashi HaKadosh comments and explains that Moshe Rabbeinu assembled us the day after Yom Kippur. 

Writes the Chiyucha Shel Torah: "On Yom HaKippurim, everyone is gathered [together] in the Beis HaKnesses, and they treat each other with brotherhood and friendship.  However, all this only lasts for one day.  Therefore, Moshe Rabbeinu saw to gather the people the day after Yom HaKippurim.  He sought from them that the unity would continue to be, also after Yom HaKippurim." (From Chiyucha Shel Torah). 

 A Gut Shabbos to all!

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