Sunday, April 16, 2017

Mussar Drosha: Anger Management #2

Mussar Drosha: Anger Management #2:


The Ramban zt”l, in his famous Iggeres, writes: “Anger is a most serious character flaw which causes one to sin.”

In A Letter for the Ages (p. 33), it is written: ‘Anger is not only an individual character trait -- it is a barometer of personality as well.  A wise man advised: “Before you take someone as your friend, observe him when he is angered.  His conduct under pressure will tell you volumes about his true nature” [see Eruvin 65b] (Orchos Tzaddikim Ch. 12).
When a person consistently loses his temper, he loses his rational sense as well.  The very basis of his relationship with G-d can become endangered, for there is nothing to restrain him.  
Thus, the Talmud (Shabbos 105b) states: “The man who loses himself to anger is considered to have worshiped idols.”
When a person becomes unrestricted, he approaches idolatry.
Unable to think clearly, the man who is lost to fury loses perspective.  The crooked path appears straight; the forbidden seems permissible.  Insults, quarreling, and slander are no longer distant from him.  Although an otherwise sensitive man, the angered person may in his fury come even to humiliate others publicly.  When no longer guided by reason, even the most unspeakable acts can come within reach (Chofetz Chaim; Chovas Hashmirah, p. 24).

A Gut Yontiff and a Chag Kasher V'Sameach to all!

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